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Kirk Cousins Says Pay Him… But Should You Play Him?

Kirk Cousins is in a weird situation as a Quarterback. He has proven himself to be a quality quarterback for over a year and a half now. Known well as the person who backed up RG3 for a few years. But Jay Gruden put his trust into Kirk Cousins as his quarterback, but no one else truly has. Kirk Cousins, after last night’s game shouted at his GM “How you like me now.” This is because Cousins is playing on a Franchise Tag instead of the new contract he wanted last offseason. They wanted more proof. But do the fantasy owners need more proof?

In most 10 team, or even 12 team leagues, he was drafted more as a QB 2. But even when he was criticized in real life early in the season for missing opportunities, he was still pretty good. In standard league scoring, he his first five games of the season point totals were 9,19,18,17,12. Not great but not good awful either. Those included hard games against foes such as dallas, New York Giants, and Baltimore. But in his last five games, his points have been 16,21,24,18,27. That stretch included tough games against teams like Minnesota and the Eagles. But what about the future.

If Kirk Cousins has showed us anything is that he is pretty consistent. He has consistent weapons with Reed, Jackson, and Garcon. It appears the run game is improving. But he does have a tough schedule for the rest of the season which include at Arizona, at Philadelphia, against a good Chicago defense, and a tough Giants Defense. With that said, Kirk Cousins is still a safe play. With only 2 turnovers in his last 4 games, he has been protecting the ball better. And most of the defenses I named is even better against the run, so he will have to throw. Cousins is a safe play the rest of the way but don’t expect too many 25+ point games.