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What the Draft Kings and FanDuel Merger Means

For daily fantasy fans… not for the next year. Even though the merger was in fact announced recently, it will take about a year for everything to take place. A lot of the details have not yet emerged such as what the new company will be called, or when the exact date will happen. In fact nothing has come out about what it means for the fans once the merger actually does come to fruition. The one thing that is certain is that it was all done to help bring in more profit to these two DFS sites. So that basically means they are here to stay for the long term.

Due to all of the legal fees that FanDuel and Draft Kings had to pay for ( they spent about 8 million in fees in the Q4 alone) and the settlement with New York State (12 million plea deal with both companies), they needed an increase in revenue. This is just another example of the rich continuing to get rich.

As for fans, sit tight for now. There are no real changes that you should be concerned about at the moment. If you want more information check out  the Forbes article detailing the merger. Otherwise, enjoy the last few weeks of the football season.