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Next Year Way To Early First Round Draft

I decided to have a little bit of fun with this post. I will predict which picks will go in the first round of a Standard and PPR 10 team league. Let’s get started.

Pick 1 (Standard): David Johnson (Ari); Pick 1 (PPR): David Johnson.                                        This really came down between two players. Between David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell. Both players are very similar. They control the backfield carries, and are both lethal in the passing game. They both even spend a lot of time running designed routes for them within the offense as a wide receiver. The reason I go with Johnson is because he has no injury history (Bell does) and has no history of getting in trouble (Bell does). So this was pretty Easy.

Pick 2 (Standard): Le’Veon Bell (Pit). Pick 2 (PPR): Le’Veon Bell.                                               See above

Pick 3 (Standard): Ezekiel Elliot (Dal). Pick 3 (PPR): Antonio Brown (Pit).                               The first difference in the draft. Elliot is explosive, and running behind probably the best offensive line in football. He competes with no one for touches, and Morris vultures the occasional touchdown, but not enough to make a true impact. A standard League owner’s dream. However, in PPR, you cant go wrong with Brown. He is never injured, and is always going to be one of the more consistent wide outs in football. He plays in a dynamic offense and with a dynamic Quarterback. Safe and elite pick.

Pick 4(Standard): Antonio Brown (Pit). Pick 4 (PPR): Julio Jones (Atl).                                      See above for Antonio Brown. Even in standard league, I like him more than the likes of some of the other premier running back. But Julio Jones might be the most dynamic wideout in the game. Freakishly athletic, and a crisp route runner. This is the same guy who had a 300 yard game this year. The only issue is sometimes the injury bug hits him. But you have to take that risk.

Pick 5 (Standard) Julio Jones (Atl). Pick 5 (PPR): Ezekiel Elliot (Dal).                                       Look above for both of these players. They are both way to talented and gifted for them to slide any lower; no matter what league this is. If this is a dynasty league, Elliot goes third no matter what the format is.

Pick 6 (Standard) Mike Evans (TB). Pick 6 (PPR) Mike Evans.                                                        If Tampa Bay in the off-season acquires another outside threat for Winston then I move Evans down my draft board until the second round. But if the offense looks like how it looks now, Evans deserves to go this high. His size is too big for defense to guard one on one. And his target share is the best in the league. And his touchdown rate is good enough where he should right now in standard leagues as well.

Pick 7 (Standard) Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG). Pick 7 (PPR) Odell Beckham Jr.                          Talk about talent, there may not be a wide receiver more talented than Odell. His talent alone will get you and Eli Manning touchdowns. When an elite talent drops this low to you in the draft, you have to take him. And I’m not all that concerned about Sterling Sheppard. Odell will still get his.

Pick 8 (Standard) Lesean McCoy (BUF). Pick 8 (PPR): AJ Green (CIN)                                    McCoy almost went 8th in both formats right here. Hes the same explosive McCoy we saw a few years ago when he led the league in rushing. Injuries is always a concern since he is a small body. But he is still young enough to make his impact felt. AJ Green might end the year with an injury, but its not serious. Great route runner and great deep ball threat. One of the few match-up proof wide-outs still left on the board.

Pick 9 (Standard) Demarco Murray. (TEN) Pick 9 (PPR): Lesean McCoy (Buf).                        See above for McCoy. I don’t see Murray having the same year he had this year. I can see Derrick Henry having more of a role next year as well. But Still a quality running back, behind a very good offensive line, and really good quarterback. Should still give you 1,100 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Pick 10 (Standard) Adrian Peterson (MIN). Pick 10 (PPR) Rob Gronkowski (NE).            Ending the first round with a few injury prone players. If AP can defeat father time again, he should have no issues breaking the 1000 yard barrier again next year. The team is going to need him to be an effective offense. Gronk is a risk worth taking as well. If he stays healthy, you basically win your tight end match-up every week. If healthy, guaranteed 10 touchdown season.