Is Marvin Jones For Real

Calvin Johnson surprised the world with his retirement during the off-season. Still young and dominant, if it wasn’t for injuries, we would probably still see number 81 terrorizing defenses. But his retirement forced the Lions to find a new lead dog in the passing game.

Everyone thought that would mean more touches and targets for Golden Tate. He has been in the system for a few years, and everyone thought it was his time. Except for me. I knew Golden Tate is not a number one receiver. He is a good number two, at least I thought he was. Through four games; he has 14 catches for 95 yards and no touchdowns. He has basically been invisible. But Marvin Jones can’t say the same.

Jones stats through four games is 23 catches for 482 yards and two touchdowns. I had a feeling he was the wide receiver to own, and I was correct. Why?  Jones is more of Calvin Johnson then Tate is. Jones can go up and grab the ball in one on one coverage. He is a bigger body, more explosive, and the typical target Stafford likes to throw to. He was always a gifted wide receiver. He was just Hampered by injuries and lack of opportunities; it is Jones’ time to shine.

You should be starting Jones every week. Match-ups against teams like the Broncos, I would understand you to be hesitant. But his floor is high, his ceiling is even higher. As for Tate; he is almost worth dropping. I’m sure it hurts taking him in the 3rd or 4th round and dropping him so early. But if there are other options out there (like Terrelle Pryor) it might be about that time.


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